StartUp in a Box©

a full spectrum incubator, that transforms ideas in to successful businesses, from concept to currency

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Our Mission

Each day people come up with incredible ideas that could be transformed into great, profitable products. The vast majority of these remain just that, an idea. Most people don’t have access to the technical, business and logistical expertise to convert these ideas in to a successful, growing business. This is especially true in developing countries like India, where there is a growing customer base with increasing access to the web. StartUp in a Box©, with a team that has experience starting companies both in India and in the US, can provide the complete range of services required to translate ideas into viable products. These services are tailored for budding entrepreneurs and established companies launching a new product, building a new market or planning to take an existing one to the next level.


Many development companies in India have the skillset to provide offshore services for the technical aspects of product development. A few companies include design services as well. Currently there are no other companies in the industry that provide services that cover the complete Product, Customer and Revenue lifecycle. Entrepreneurs have to build a team from the ground up to design, market and produce the product. They also have to find investors willing to finance the development of the product.


StartUp in a Box’s© expertise and key differentiation is that we will provide a complete suite of services that are needed to give a product the best chance of transforming from a concept to a successful and growing business.

StartUp in a Box© provides a one-stop shop for entrepreneurs in US, India and eventually the rest of the world to translate product ideas into successful businesses operations. Our expertise is in Enterprise products, B2B and B2C solutions, Web Applications, e-commerce and mobile & cloud strategies. We address all elements of the customer life cycle, product life cycle and the business + revenue life cycle.

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Service Offerings

Customer Life Cycle
  • Customer need & pain points
  • Customer & market validation of idea
  • Alpha, beta, customer acquisition & validation
  • Iterative product development based on customer feedback
Product Life Cycle
  • Customer need & pain points
  • Ideation
  • Customer & market validation of idea
  • Mockup & prototype development
  • IP creation
  • Product design & usability
  • Product roadmap, feature development & product management
  • Product development
  • Lead generation & pipeline building
  • Iterative product development based on customer feedback
Business & Revenue Life Cycle
  • Setting up legal, corporate & financial structure
  • Seed & Series A funding
  • Brand building, online presence & social media marketing
  • Go-to-market strategies & planning
  • Sales & revenue generation
  • Demand creation
  • Lead generation & pipeline building
  • Revenue acquisition & growth
  • Business expansion & growth
  • Legal services
  • Financial services
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Immediate Opportunities

We are excited to announce that we are looking for entrepreneurial people to join us in our mission to revolutionize the startup industry. We are interested in people, for our Chennai office, with technical or business related skillsets.

For enquiries, email us at [email protected]

Sales Manager / Business Development Lead

An opportunity to spearhead our new channel sales team on behalf of our partner vendors. Manage, mentor and grow a new team of Sales Executives, define sustainable department processes & strategies to ensure team success and the appropriate metrics to measure it.

Download job description
IT Sales Professional / Business Developer

An opportunity to join, create and grow our new B2B channel sales team on behalf of our partner vendors.

Download job description
Technical Lead Engineer

This is an exciting opportunity for an experienced Technical Lead Engineer to take ownership of their own development team and create an optimal workflow from scratch in an innovative new company.

Download job description
Frontend UI Engineer

Frontend UI Engineer to take, develop and build beautiful, intuitive and efficient frontend code.

Download job description
DevOps Engineer

Experienced DevOps Engineer to take ownership of their own DevOps team and create an optimal workflow from scratch.

Download job description

We are looking for hard working students with a business or engineering background who are interested in cutting their teeth on, and gaining invaluable experience in the fast-paced world of a technology startup.

Email us at [email protected]

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